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Conservation Interaction accepts donations in order for us to continue sharing knowledge and improving livelihoods.


You can:

  • Send a cheque. Please make it payable to Conservation Interaction and then post it to: P.O. Box 11805, Posta, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

  • Come to our office and donate in person. We would love to see you at Plot no. 358, Regent's Estate, Dar es Salaam

  • Money transfer using Western Union. Please contact us to arrange this.

  • Bank transfer. Please contact us to arrange this.

  • You can also send using a mobile money service such as MPesa. Please send your donation to +255 685083047.



Knowledge is powerful.


We use radio to communicate environmental solutions.

Developing countries face many ecological challenges, such as climate change, human/wildlife conflict and sustainable agriculture.


Additionally, there is limited access to information that can help citizens, governments, non-governmental organisations and businesses make informed decisions to solve these issues together. Conservation Interaction uses media to facilitate knowledge exchange, between and within these groups, to solve environmental problems.

In Tanzania, radio is the main form of mass media communication and is the most effective medium to allow people, the government and organisations to share information about problems and solutions.

Our first project, Tunza Kwa Faida is a unique radio programme about 'ecopreneurialism' - anything that is asset building but also environmentally friendly.


The magazine style show identifies current ecological issues and presents answers to these issues by interviewing people and/or people involved in projects working successfully in Tanzania. Experts give their opinions too and listeners can also text us their questions. This way everyone can get the chance to adopt new ideas that will help them improve their livelihoods, increase their assets and ease environmental pressures.

If you want to know more take a look at what Tunza Kwa Faida is about here. You can listen again to the podcasts if you have missed any programmes here.


Lastly, every section of society can get involved in environmentally friendly activities by reading our 'Green Solutions' articles that appeared in The Citizen newspaper. Read all about it here.


Conservation Interaction has positions open for volunteers.

Visit Benevola to find out how you can help us!


Thanks to our previous volunteers (L-R) Asinga, Cannelle and Suwi.